Science of Learning Research Centre

Promoting Learning

The ultimate goal of the SLRC is to improve learning outcomes by developing tools and strategies that promote learning in formal and informal settings. Through a better understanding of the learning process, it is possible to direct the development of more effective approaches to learning. Improved and novel measurement tools will ensure the robustness of these new strategies.

Role of reinforcement in learning Contact: Professor Pankaj Sah Chief investigators: Timothy BREDY, Jason MATTINGLEY, Pankaj SAH,
Predicting learner confusion for enhanced feedback and self-regulation Contact: Associate Professor Gregor Kennedy Chief investigators: Rob HESTER, Gregor KENNEDY, Ottmar LIPP, Lori LOCKYER, Michael TIMMS,
Using joint attention sequencing to promote expressive language learning Chief investigators: Collette Tayler
The effect of adult prompts and feedback on Australian Aboriginal children’s learning and development Chief investigators: Collette Tayler