Understanding Learning

Learning is the process by which we acquire new knowledge, skills or behaviours and underpins all aspects of education. Understanding the learning process is essential for developing new learning strategies in a targeted fashion. SLRC research provides new knowledge that forms a basis for the validation of existing learning strategies, the development of novel strategies and the development of tools to measure learning. For example, knowledge of how students process feedback in interactive digital leaning environments will allow for the development of more effective digital learning software. Researchers in the Centre are using a vast range of approaches to better understand the learning process, ranging from investigating cellular mechanisms and cell circuits that mediate learning in rodents to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the in situ monitoring of physiological changes in students and teachers during a lesson.

Predicting learner confusion for enhanced feedback and self-regulationContact: Associate Professor Gregor KennedyChief investigators: Rob HESTER, Gregor KENNEDY, Ottmar LIPP, Lori LOCKYER, Michael TIMMS,
Brain network manifestation of education and learningContact: Professor Tianzi JiangChief investigators: Tianzi JIANG,