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SLRC Seminar Series – “How you expect when you’re expecting: prediction in the human brain”

Date: Wednesday 26th April

Time:  4.30 – 6.00pm (45 minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes question time and 30 minute tea/coffee)

Venue: Level 7 Seminar Room, Queensland Brain Institute (Building #79) The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

Speakers: Mr Chase Sherwell, Postdoctoral Researcher, Queensland Brain Institute

Over the last decade, a new theory of brain function has gained significant support – predictive coding. At its core, this theory proposes that the brain functions as a hypothesis-testing machine: It forms predictions about the state of the world, then evaluates them in light of evidence from our senses. In this talk, I will firstly explain the fundamentals of predictive coding and its basis in probabilistic learning. Second, I will discuss how this formulation, although deceptively simple, can be used to explain various important cognitive functions including attention, conscious perception, and learning. Finally, I will describe previous work and ongoing projects in our laboratory that investigate how predictive coding may be applied to human interactions and predicting when events will occur.

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